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Word Revival International

Apostolic Ministry

Every Saturday at 07:00 pm

Ezekiel 37:4-5

Revival through Word and Spirit ✟


A Vision to preach and manifest God’s kingdom in hearts, homes, cities, and Nations.


  • To Preach the gospel with demonstration of  signs , wonders and miracles .
  • To raise the army of God through the Word and Spirit of God    (Mission EZK 37:1-14)
  • To plant and cover churches with apostolic teachings globally.
  • To ordain ministers of God according to their calling.
  • To Build families and children together to worship and serve God.

Our Values

  • God’s Institution, His Covenant, and Principles.
  • Family Institution and its Covenant.
  • Five-Fold Ministry institution (Church) and its teachings.

About Us

"We believe in Tri-Une God, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit."

Word revival international is an apostolic Ministry planted in August 2017 with its first branch in Dubai and covering churches in  Uganda, Kenya, India, Nepal, and more to come.

This ministry is based on the foundation of the Word and the Spirit of God, according to EZK-37. Through the Word and Spirit, our vision is to demonstrate the kingdom of God in heart, homes, cities, and Nation.

KingdomPriestsRulers of the earth

Jesus Loves You 

Our Ministries


God's Institution

It is the first institution initiated by God himself to have fellowship and communion with man.


Family Institution

Family is the second institution ordained by God when he created Adam and Eve and commanded them to produce children with his laws, principles, and commands. 


Church-Five-Fold Ministry Institution

The five-fold ministry (church) is appointed by Jesus to extend his heavenly kingdom through his commandments. 

Our Church Branches In











Global Branches

Meet the Founder and President of WRI

Apostle Vijay & Shirley

Apostle Vijay & Shirley

Founder & President

Word Revival International Church


Apostle, preacher, and teacher of Jesus Christ.

Vijay comes from India from an idol-worshipping family. He got saved in 2005 December upon hearing the gospel of Jesus while working at the gas station in Dubai. After joining a ministry, he got water baptized in 2009 and got married to Shirley from the Philippines in 2010, he is having one daughter named Elianna. He was ordained as a Pastor in 2013.  Vijay planted his first church branch in UAE named Word Revival international with an Apostolic call upon his life, currently he is covering churches in Uganda, India, Nepal, and more to come. His Vision is to preach and manifest God’s kingdom in hearts, homes, cities, and Nations. With a mission to raise disciples, families, leaders, and ministers for God’s Kingdom Globally.

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